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Cognit has been a wonderful addition to the clinical programming at Rock Springs. The web-based program enables our patients to begin their journey of self-assessment while in treatment, while allowing them to continue with the supplemental program long after their discharge. For patients who are not as comfortable with technology, paper versions of the Cognit program are available. Patients are then able to work on the program during times when laptops are not typically available. Cognit, both the web-based and paper versions, have been exceedingly helpful in supporting patients in our inpatient and outpatient programs as well as our alumni.

Jennifer A. Miller, LCSW
Director of Clinical Services
Rock Springs
Date of Posting: 06 January 2015
Posted By: Jennifer A. Miller
Rock Springs
Mesa Springs Cognit is very important because it gave me yet another outlet to express my feelings and thoughts for that day on a one on one private level. Plus it helped me learn more about my problem in a in-depth way. Mesa Springs leaves me speechless in how wonderful and amazing they are.
Date of Posting: 25 July 2014
Posted By: Adult Female 41y.o.
Mesa Springs
The computer assisted therapy was the BEST.
Date of Posting: 24 July 2014
Posted By: 21 y.o. male, Mesa Springs
I am emailing to thank you again for the use of your program and with a story to share. I have a tenant who has coped with an addiction to crack for over 20 years. He is 50 yrs old now and has been in our program for over a year. He also has a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I introduced him to your computer program a few weeks ago as we are going to facilitate a group together starting in January using your program as I discussed with you a while back.
Since I showed him the program and gave him my password he has been using the tenant computer almost daily. Today he asked to speak with me and shared his experience of going through the exercises. His eyes began to fill with tears when speaking with me and sharing what a HUGE impact it has had on him. He proudly showed me his final quiz with a score of %81.25 and showed me all the "homework” that he has done. Wayne, this man about whom I am speaking is a survivor of abuse and has had NO self esteem. He has problems with aggression and ongoing use. He asked me today to please THANK YOU personally for allowing us to use your program and share with you HOW MUCH it has meant for him to go through it. ( he takes it very seriously and has worked hard on it) Actually, he asked if he could meet you personally to shake your hand.
The impact was so Huge for him that both he and I were in tears today – together – out of happiness for what it has brought to him. Part of my tears, which he is of course not aware of, is that your program is connected to the struggles of my son and allows me to take a difficult situation and make something beautiful out of it for someone else.
Again I thank you from both him and me
Date of Posting: 30 May 2013
Posted By: Theresa H.
Determined to teach clients in recovery, I set about finding an educational tool that was advanced, understandable and different from all others. Cognit was that tool. To my surprise, I was the first person to benefit from it. It's teachings and philosiphy apply to everyone and to everyday situations. It inspired me to take a look at and recognize how my own life needed to be assessed and evaluated from time and time, while showing me in very understandable terminology how to go about doing that. Cognit provides a life lesson for all, whether it involves tidying up the cobwebs in our lives or choosing to undertake or embark on a new style or type of life and living.
Paula Mazzarolo, Aftercare Manager
De Novo Treatment Centre Corp

The participants are able to work through the sessions at their own pace in a time that is convenient to them. Some work through the program individually as a self-help program. Others come weekly and discuss the material and work through their emotions, and others follow through with one on one counseling or couples counseling. The beauty of the program is a person can choose what is right for them.
Date of Posting: 30 May 2013
Posted By: Sandy Ross
COGNIT has allowed me to leave a lot of basic education and self exploration to the clients on their study time. It frees my time up to further the concepts and provide more process groups. Often the clients will tell me that they find the service invaluable. It teaches them and then tests their knowledge. They love the fact that they continue to have access from home after discharge. It helps them focus and stay on track.
Date of Posting: 30 May 2013
Posted By: Ed Ross, Director, Brentwood Meadows
As President of Brentwood Meadows, a brand new addictions treatment facility in the Midwest, my goal was to provide the most innovative, clinically sound and cost effective treatment services. After months and months of evaluating clinical programs and tools, I discovered COGNIT.
COGNIT, is a contemporary, web-based educational tool. This system has helped me to establish a "first class” evidenced-based treatment program for addictions and co-occurring within our budget and timeline. The COGNIT system works beautifully in guiding the client and family through a structured addiction education program model coupled with a therapeutic group process experience.

I have found this model to be the most cost effective way to develop and deliver education and clinical services. Support staff can be trained to deliver the educational sessions due to the highly structured COGNIT sessions, group discussion questions and facilitator training tools, along with wrap up quizzes and group process recommendations. This frees up the counseling staff to allocate their time to providing assessments, individual, group and family therapy sessions. Also embedded in the COGNIT System are self-awareness inventories and monitoring protocols that provide the counseling staff with valuable therapeutic patient information to be flagged for follow up in individual sessions.

The time and cost involved developing our own high quality treatment program such as the COGNIT systems would have been prohibitive. It would have taken Brentwood Meadows weeks of intensive staff training, clinical model development, as well as designing a multimedia delivery system in order to produce a comparable treatment system. I estimated that without COGNIT, in order to get our program just to a starting point would have cost at least $50,000.00 to $100,000.00 in additional start up costs.

I am proud that Brentwood Meadows is the very first treatment center in the United States to offer the COGNIT system and would welcome anyone who has an interest in this system to contact me for further information.
Date of Posting: 30 May 2013
Posted By: Pat Hammer, MSA, CADAC IV- President, Brentwood Me

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