Recovery Model

Cognit is a strength, wellness and challenge based process that builds a client up and encourages them to find their own solutions.

Clients are led through a psycho-educational process where they learn to identify and recognize self-defeating thoughts, feelings, urges, actions and beliefs.



Clients are guided through a process of self-identification where they consider their meaning, purpose and passion, rediscover their strengths, beliefs, principles and values and evaluate their beliefs system. They are introduced to the four pillars of life and recovery; biological or physical, psychological or emotional, social and spiritual. They examine the challenges in their lives. They explore wellness tools and strategies and learn proactive symptom management. They learn stress management and relaxation techniques. They begin the process of rebuilding themselves and creating a balanced life.


Pyramid of Acceptance

Clients learn to relate their reactions to the seven stages of acceptance and apply the process of acceptance to challenges and situations in their life.

1) Numbness
2) Denial
3) Fear, Anger and Bargaining
4) Pain, Guilt and Shame
5) Stress, Anxiety and Depression
6) Reflection
7) Acceptance, Forgiveness, Faith and Hope


Recovery Clients develop the knowledge and tools required to take responsibility for their recovery. They transition into self-directed treatment and recovery with the support of Cognit and the community.


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