About Us

Cognit Corporation was formed in 2007 to develop an online system for use in addiction and mental health treatment and recovery.

Cognit is committed to being the leader in web based programs and clinical tools for addiction and mental health treatment providers, supporting and enhancing all stages and modalities of treatment.

Cognit is not affiliated with a research institution or modality of treatment. We evaluate, select and combine the latest proven methods and best practices from leading resources.

Cognit has mutually beneficial partnerships with hospitals, clinics, agencies and professionals treating individuals with addiction and mental health challenges.We work closely with our partners to ensure the successful integration of Cognit into their programs.

Cognit is dedicated to continuous development of our programs and clinical tools and to remaining at the leading edge of affordable treatment technology.

We believe everyone has the right to professional, accessible, affordable, effective and confidential addiction and mental health treatment.

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e-learning login's

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Telephone:    416-450-4553
E-mail: info@cognitsa.com